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We offer high-end shower installations with many options to fit the style you are looking for. We specialize in custom frameless enclosures and offer the finest installations in Central Ohio.


Glass replacement is most certainly the best solution for broken or fogged windows. In many cases, the actual window frame and sash are in great shape and only the insulated glass is faulty. We offer glass replacement services for single and double pane windows along with new window installations. And we provide all this at competitive prices.


Residential glass replacement requires many years of experience and knowledge of the product. Our service technicians will be able to identify the glass type spec’s to match the exact type of glass for your property. This ensures projects are handled with care and safety so you can confidently enjoy your new glass.


Don’t go through the hassle and expense of replacing your window – give us a call! If we don’t have the part in-house we can most likely find it through one of the many manufacturers that we work with. Additionally, our glass technicians are skilled at quickly and efficiently handling window repair requests as well as other residential glass services.


Handcrafted beautiful furniture deserves to be protected. Don’t worry about the kids playing with their toys on the table, protect it with glass. In addition to precision hand-cut glass tops to fit your table, we can fabricate a custom piece to use as a table itself.


Are you looking for custom glass services? At Eco Glass Designs, we deliver residential glass services that include beautiful, attractive, and stylish custom glass projects that will fit your vision and style.